Friday, April 25, 2014

Dahlia flowers with waste water bottles!

This craft is easy to make with waste plastic water bottles or any cool drink bottles. Click here to read my Video tutorial: Dahlia flowers with water bottles!

Materials used:

Plastic water bottles

Paints, Scissors

Glue gun/instant glue

Floral tape, Wire


Cut the bottle in to two half.
Cut the top part of the bottle like flower petals with sharp edges. If we cut with sharp edges, we can get extra sharp pieces. Keep them aside to make green calyx.
Cut the remaining bottle into petals of 3 different sizes - lager size petals to make outer layer; medium size petals; and smaller petals for inner layer.
Fix the petals from smaller to larger, from inner to outer side of the cap, using hot glue gun or instant glue.
Paint the inner petals with yellow and remaining with your favorite floral color.
For making stem, take a thick wire, wrap a small paper strip at one end and apply glue and fix with the center of the bottom cap.
Wrap the floral tape around the cap and the whole wire.
Cut leaves shape and fix the leaves and calyx around the wire and cap. Paint the calyx and leaves.
Do 3-6 flowers to make a flower vase.
Insert the flower into a bottle or vase filled with clay or sand.
A beautiful flower vase is ready now.... Try this craft at your home and comment your feedback. Thank you...!

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