Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bubble cover Rangoli cardboard wall craft!

This craft is very easy to make. All we want is mainly two things: one is bubble cover and another thing is any unused somewhat large sized parcel cover cardboard.

Usually if we get bubble cover anywhere, atonce we will start pressing each bubbles and make them blow (my favourite too... :-) ). But, we can do many more good crafts using bubble cover (polythene). One of those crafts is Bubble cover Rangoli cardboard wall craft. Now read the tutorial of this craft!

Materials used:

Polythene bubble cover (I used the parcel cover for my craft)

Cardboard (I used the pizza cover)


Duck tape or cellophane tape

Glitter, Confetti, pipe cleaner (optional)


Cut the cardboard with square shape (or round) and wrap the bubble paper over one full side of the cardboard, and the edges should be glued and taped with duck tape or normal cellophane tape.

Then, start painting a rangoli (as shown in picture) from the middle and after completing a cute rangoli, paint the border with a contrast color (eg, black) and decorate with glitter and confettis.(Note: Painting a rangoli on a bubble cover is very easy as the bubbles act as dotted pattern.)

After paint get dried completely, use double tape or push pin to hang the cardboard art on the wall.

A beautiful wall craft is ready now. If you want to see the craft video, click the URL:

Try this craft at your home and comment your feedbacks. Thank you...!!! 


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