Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY pen (spoon or brush) holder with salt tin and woolen thread!


Salt tin or any other thin long bottle

Parcel bubble cover

Thick woolen bundle



Glue or glue gun



First, remove the wrapper and the cap of the salt tin, and cut out the extra length of the tin.
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Apply a little glue at the bottom side, and wrap-up the woolen thread tightly and closely from bottom to top. After fully wrapped, cut out the remaining thread and stick the thread edge with the tin.

Then, cut the bubble cover with the shapes like flower, square, diamond, round, etc (as you like) and stick them on the sides of pen holder, and paint with suitable color.

If you want any more decoration, apply glue and sprinkle glitter or stick the beads over the sides.

That's all... Within few minutes, it is possible to make this useful craft with the unwanted materials like bubble cover, salt tin, etc. We can use this holder as either pen holder or spoon or brush holder.

Hope you like this craft. Try this at your home and comment your feedbacks!
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