Thursday, December 26, 2013

Floral wall craft with paper plates and milk jug!


Paper plates - 3

Empty milk jug or any other plastic can

Cardboard (I used pizza tray cardboard - round shaped)


Glue gun




First draw a round (size of a tumbler) at the center of the paper plate and cut the sides like a flower with thin sharp-edged petals. Do the same for all three plates.
Click here to visit my tutorial video!

For a thick paper plate, we can open each petals into two layers. the upper layer is a normal paper which bends to give a "bud" shape.

Then glue the plates one over another, and paint with your favorite color.

Flower part is over. Now, for the decoration part, paint the cardboard with a suitable background color.

Then, cut the milk jug into many small leaves and glue the leaves over the whole sides of the cardboard. Paint the leaves with simple green or with the colors of a peacock feather (as like in fig). If want, decorate with color stones and glitter (optional).

Finally, glue the flower at the center of the cardboard.

That's all... A beautiful floral wall craft is ready to hang. We can use push pins or double tape to hang the craft on wall.

Try this craft at your home and comment your feedbacks. Thank you...!!!


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