Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy pen (spoon or brush) holder with salt tin and bubble cover!

Materials used

Salt bottle (we can use any kind of plastic bottles, I used the salt tin.)

Bubble cover


Glue gun

Cure pipes, confetti (optional, for decoration purposes)


Take a salt bottle (without cap or top), and surround it with bubble cover and apply glue to fix the cover with the bottle.

After that, paint the bubbles with various colors, and let it dry for sometime.

Finally decorate with confettis, glitter or with anything else of your own choice. Round the ribbon on the top of the bottle and glue it with hot glue gun, it will hide the glued edges of the cover.

Thats all... A simple and beautiful pen stand is ready! We can also use that craft as spoon or brush holder.
Hope this tutorial is useful for you. For my craft tutorial video, click the URL:
Try this at your home and comment your feedbacks. Thank you...!!!

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