Thursday, January 2, 2014

Paper plate hanging craft with beads and pumpkin seeds!

Materials used:

Large paper plate - 1
Plastic ice-cream cup or small paper plate - 1
Empty milk jug or any plastic can
Woolen thread bundle
Pumpkin seeds
Plastic straws
Punching machine
Glue or Glue gun


Using punching machine, put holes over the whole side edges of the paper plate and ice-cream cup.
Click here to visit my tutorial video of this craft!
Cut the milk jug into sharp petal shapes (as like in picture), and glue the petals over the side edges of the  paper plate and ice-cream cup. It should be noted that, glue the petals after the holes, not on over the holes.
Paint the plates and decorate with glitters or confetti.

Bead flowers and Pumpkin seed flowers:

For making bead flower, take a large-sized round bead and glue the small beads over its sides like a flower.
For making pumpkin seed flower, take a large-sized round bead and glue the pumpkin seeds  over its sides like a flower (see the picture).

Flower hangings:

For making hangings for the large plate, join bead flowers and beads using woolen thread as show in picture, or make hanging with your own idea.

For making hangings for the small plate and the center, using woolen thread of approximate length, join pumpkin seed flowers, straws and beads as like I did, or make them of your own choice.

Finally insert the each hangings in each holes and tie up with the hangings of the second next.
The hangings of large plate should be smaller than that of the small plate, and the hangings of small plate should be smaller than the center hanging.
That's all... A beautiful paper plate hanging craft is ready to hang now. This craft is easy to make and definitely, this will be an added beauty to our home.
I hanged this craft at the center of the hall and it looks very beautiful.
Try this craft at your home, and comment your feedbacks.
                                                         Thank you...!!! 


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