Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Plastic can peacock!

Materials used

Plastic can like milk jug, oil jug etc
Adhesive glue or glue gun
Cardboard (like pizza cover)


Draw peacock body and feathers on the plastic jug as shown in picture, and cut them separately.

Glue the feathers one by one to get the whole feather shape and paint with the blue and green colors

Apply glue and sprinkle glitters over the peacock and if you want, decorate the feather with color stones.

We can either stick the peacock on the wall directly using double tape or stick the peacock on a cardboard painted with a background color.

Now a beautiful peacock wall craft is ready! This craft is really beautiful and easy to make!

Try this at your home and comment your feedback! Thank you...!!!


  1. Its really nice one.. I want to make one like this to decorate my home. Can you pls tell me what kind of paint you used to color the plastic?

    1. I used "Apple Barrel" paints, its the cheapest one with good quality...


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