Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cute Flower Vase with Empty Water Bottles!


Empty water bottles
Dry sticks
Glue or glue gun
Earwax buds
Plastic snack bottle (for making vase)


1) Cut the bottle into two half.

2) Cut the upper part of the bottle like a flower (as shown in picture) to get floral petals. Then, paint the flower petals with the color of your choice and at the center, give a contrast color.

3) Put some holes in the cap, insert the buds into the holes, and then apply some glue for the grip hold of the buds and paint them.

4) After the paints get dried, insert the flower onto the tip of the dry stick, and apply glue to fix the stick and flower properly.

5) Cut the remaining lower part of the bottle in leaf shapes, then paint in green color and glue with the stem. Do as many as needed, hold them together and insert into the long white color plastic bottle (decorate the vase as you wish) filled with clay or sand.

Flower vase is ready now! This craft is very easy to make and very beautiful to look. Try this at your home and give your feedbacks.
For video, click the URL:
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