Thursday, February 27, 2014

Candlelight decoration with empty milk jug or any plastic can!

Materials used:

Pot candle,
Normal small round candle
Empty milk jug
Cure pipes or any decorative wire
Unused nail polishes
Confetti or glitters
Glue/glue gun


Color the pot candle with nail polish (2-3 coatings) and let it dry completely. It will avoid the oil absorption, if we use to light it with using cotton thread (Indian style). Also it will give a nice look to the pot candle.
Click here to see my video tutorial.
Draw flower petal shapes on milk jug and cut the petals separately.
Then, take a small cardboard box, and cut one side of the box with small round shape, for making the basement of the decorative candle. Color the cardboard with white paint, and over it, glue the milk jug petals in round flower shape.
Bend and fold the cure pipes/pipe cleaner or decorating wire, and glue it over the boarder of each petals shown in picture.
Paint the petals with a floral color nail polish (like red, pink, etc).
If need, decorate the petals with confetti and glitters. Bend the petals slightly downward, so that the tip of each petals will touch the base.
Glue and place the pot candle at the center of the decorated milk jug flower, and keep the normal candle inside the pot candle (We can also use cotton thread and oil to light the pot candle.).
We can use this decorative candle in pooja rooms and it will give more beauty to the candle lighting.
This is a simple way to decorate our pooja rooms. Try this at your home and give your valuable feedback in the comment column given below.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flower vase with Crepe paper Chrysanthemum flowers!

Most people are familiar with crepe paper streamers, but we can also make various kinds of flowers with these crepe papers. I have tried a flower vase with paper chrysanthemum flowers. This is very easy to do and we need only three thing to make it out.
Click here to visit my tutorial video of this craft.

Materials used:

Crepe papers
            - red and white for petals
            - yellow for stamen
            - green for calyx
Floral wire
Floral tape
Floral arranger  or any vase


For making stamen: Take an yellow crepe paper and fold it 3-4 times to get a length of each fold with approximately 1.5 inches, and cut through the folds to get individual sheets.
Arrange the sheets equally, and hold the sheets on one side, and cut deeply and closely on the other side like fringes.

For making petals: Take any floral color crepe paper (I used red and white.) with 12 inches length and cut the one side as like in the picture.

For making calyx: Take a green color crepe paper with app 2 inches length, and cut one side as like the petals.

For making flower: Take a floral wire with a length of 6 inches and and bend it at its center and twist both sides to get a single thick wire.
Then, wind-up the stamen over its one end. After that, wind-up the petals over the stamen, covering it fully, and lastly, wind-up with the green color crepe paper.
Now, start to wrap the lower side of the flower with floral tape (tightly) till the end of the floral wire.
Finally, open-up the calyx and petals.

For making flower vase: Make the flowers as many needed as for a flower vase. Then, arrange the flower with the design of your choice and insert the flowers into a vase or floral arranger.
I have arranged the flowers like an umbrella-shape, and inserted on a floral arranger.

This flower vase is very easy to make, and we can make it so quickly for any party decorations.

Feel free to give your valuable comments and suggestions. Thank you...!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Coconut shell tower with egg carton flowers!

Materials used:

Coconut shell
Egg cartons
Glue Gun
Tissue paper holder
Small paper cup
Glitters, beads (for decoration)


Cut the egg cartons into flower shapes (sorry, i din't take step by step photos, if needed, please see my craft video at ).

Fix each flowers on to the outer sides of the coconut shell (remove the hairs over the shell, or else, the flowers cannot be glued properly) as in circular rows.

It is our choice to paint the flowers before gluing to the shell, or after gluing over the coconut shell. I have first glued the flowers and then painted the flowers with different colors.

To decorate the top of the shell like a tower, I used the plastic milk jug to make it out. Cut the milk jug as like a big flower shape, then bend and bring each of the petals to the flower center, then apply glue and press tightly to get fixed properly. Now we got a flower cup like structure, and over it, apply glue and fix an egg carton flower. Now it looks like a flower tower.

Paint the tissue holder and fix its one end with the center of the coconut shell and another end to the center of the paper cup.

Paint the paper cup with suitable colors and decorate with glitters.

Finally, decorate the egg carton flowers and the paper cup with color stones, beads and glitters.
This is a very beautiful and creative craft to make with simple recycle materials.
Try this craft at your home, and comment your feedback. Thank you...!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Butterfly heartin with package cover!

This is a very simple craft to make and this doesn't require any costly materials, we can make a beautiful wall craft with recycle materials like package cover, cardboard, etc...
Click here to visit my tutorial video of this craft.

Materials used:

Any package cover
Glue/Glue gun
Cure pipes/Any wire



Cut the package cover in rectangular shape.

Cut the rectangular cover in the shape as shown in picture
Fold the cover in zic-zac manner, as like in picture.
After folding, hold the folded cover tightly, and knot it at its center with the help of cure pipe or any wire.
Extend the feathers on both the sides for full length, and fold the wire tip as butterfly's antenna.
Now we got a cute paper butterfly.
Apply glue and sprinkle glitters as you like.
Do as many butterflies as needed from larger to smaller, for making a butterfly heartin.

For making heartin, draw heart shape on the cardboard, and cut through the line.
Again, draw another heart outline with 1 cm thickness between the line and boarder, and cut through the line.
Now we got a heartin cardboard layer.
With using hot glue gun, fix each butterfly on the heartin cardboard layer from larger to smaller size.

Fix this heartin butterfly craft on the wall, and, if needed, fix a flower at the heart center.
Try this craft at your home and comment your feedbacks!
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