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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Recycled: Candle holder with plastic can

 Things needed:

Plastic can
Nail polish (different colors)
Glue/Glue gun


Cut the Plastic can like as show in pics.

Bend the petals.
Paint with nail polishes (designs as you like).

Let the nail polishes dry and then apply glue and then put glitters to decorate.
Fix a cap at the center bottom of the candle holder.

Fix a candle or diya or LED at the center of the candle holder.

This looks awesome in darkness (shining and bright).

Monday, May 12, 2014

Candle decoration with waste plastic bottle or milk jug!

This is just a 5-minutes craft, only thing is it will take some time for the paints to dry... To visit the tutorial video, click HERE...

Materials used:

Empty milk jug
Glue gun


Cut the milk jug in flower petals shape (5-6 petals).
Cut a small cardboard in round shape, and fix the petals like a flower.
Paint the petals with blue and green like peacock feather.
Apply some glue and sprinkle glitters. if want fix color stones, at the center of the petals.
Allow it to get dries completely.
Fix the bottle cap at the center bottom of the cardboard.
Fix the candle at the center.
It looks more beautiful if we lit the candle.

DIY: Candle decoration with tissue paper roll

This is very easy to make and it just need only 5 to 7 minutes to make it out... Click HERE to see the tutorial video.

Materials used:

Small round candle

Tissue paper rolls

Nail polishes, Glue gun

Bottle cap, Barbecue stick


Cut the tissue paper rolls into small petal shapes.
Fix them one over one like flower.
Fold the petal edges with using barbecue stick.
Fix the bottle cap at the bottom side of the flower.
Paint the petals with nail polishes (littering shiny nail polish colors are preferable).
Fix the candle at the flower center.
That's all... A beautiful candle holder is ready...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Beautiful candle decoration with paper plate and foam sheets!

Materials used: 

Small round candle
Small paper plate
Plastic cup/yogurt cup
Glittered foam sheets (2 colors)
Color stones
Glue gun, Scissors
Paint, Glitters


Cut and remove the tip portion of the paper plate.

Make 8 or 8 foam roses with glittered foam sheets. For the making of foam flowers, click or copy and paste this URL:
Wrap the candle with foam sheet. Fix a color stone at the center of the candle bottom and again fix the candle on the center of the paper plate.
Stick the foam flowers around the candle.
Fix the bead chain around the foam flowers.

Fix the color stones around the bead chain.

Cut the foam sheet in small petal shapes and fix them one by one around the color stones as like in picture.

Paint the plastic cup and sprinkle glitters over it and let it to dry completely.

Wrap a bead chain around the open edge of the cup.
Apply hot glue over the bottom side of the cup and fix it with the center of the bottom side of the plate.
That's all... A very easy umbrella candle is ready!
Try this craft at your home and comment your feedback. Thank you!
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