Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recycled flower vase made with plastic can (milk jug)!

Plastic milk jug helps us to make lots of good crafts like different kinds of flowers, flower vase, wall crafts, peacock craft, etc.
This is an another way to make a flower vase with colorful milk jug plastic flowers. For tutorial video: My Facebook page:

Things needed:

Plastic milk jug (or any plastic bottle), Scissors, Marker pen, Dry sticks (dry stems with one or two branches), Tea extract, Acrylic paints or different color nail polishes, Glue gun or instant fix glue,normal glue, etc.


Take a bottle cap around 5 cm in diameter, using that cap, draw a outline circle on the plastic can with erasable marker. It is good, if we draw circles with various sizes.
Cut through the circles to get round plastic pieces.
Put a hole at the center of the round piece.
Draw lines to cut the petals.
Draw the petal shape and cut the extras.

Bend the petals over the backside.
For leaves, draw the outline as in picture.
Cut through the outline.
Take a dry stem,with having one or two branches, and insert the stem through the hole (but the stem should not extrude out).
Using glue gun or instant fix glue, apply over the front side and back side of the center flower, so that it get fixed permanently with the stem. Apply some normal glue at the flower center, and sprinkle tea extract. Fix the leaves with the stem at right places.
Paint the flowers and leaves with acrylic paints or different colored nail polishes.
Do the same, as many as needed.
Take a small paper cup,and paint it with brown color. Fill the cup with play-dough or any flour dough.
Insert the stems one by one and arrange them neatly.
That's all... A very beautiful flower vase or center piece is ready.
Thank You...!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Colorful Name Decorations on Wall using Cardboard Rolls

This is very easy decorations, we can make the rolls with our kids.
For video tutorial,

Things needed:

Cardboard, Scissors, Glue, Glue gun (optional), Paints, Confetti, Double tape, etc.


Draw lines on the cardboard and cut into strips.

 Apply glue on one side, and roll the cardboard strips.
 Make the rolls in large numbers.
 Paint the rolls.
 For each rolls, fix the confetti at the center.
 We can make a variety of designs with these rolls, for example, we can make flower designs like this.
 I liked to decorate my Kid's name, so made the letters for his name.

 Finally cut the double tape into thin pieces, and fix them at some places. Then remove the outer cover and fix the letters on wall.
 Now, we can see the beautiful name decorations.

Hanging craft made with coke bottle and recycled beads

I have give the pictorial here.
For video tutorial, please click the link:

 Materials used:

Coke bottle, Nail polishes, Glitters, Glue, Glue gun, Scissors, Aluminium foil, Foam sheets, Thread, Straws, etc.


Cut the bottle into 2 parts.

 Put holes around the round edge of the bottle using punching machine.
 Color the bottle with different color nail polishes, and sprinkle glitters before, the nail polish get dried.

 Roll the aluminium foil into thin strips.
 Roll the foil strips around a tooth pick, to get beads.

I have made these beads by cutting the rice bag, and rolling the rice bag strips, in thought of recycling it. For more attractiveness, please use the normal beads.
 With using all these, join one by one, using needle and thread, and make a long chain. Make them to cover all the holes.
 Tie the bead chains through the holes.
 Make foam bead flowers, and fix the around the bottle edge.

 Make a bottle flower for the center hanging.
 Join the beads with the bottle flower, put a hole in the bottle cap and insert the center hanging through the cap and knot the thread on the other side of the cap.
 Now, a hanging bottle craft is ready to hang.

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