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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coconut shell flower vase decorated with news paper beads

We can reuse the coconut shell to make a lot of diy crafts like decorated umbrella, candle holder, flower vase etc... In this post, we are going to see the making of Coconut shell flower vase decorated with news paper beads. This flower vase look so good with lotus flowers. We can see the method of making now. If you want to see this craft tutorial video, CLICK here.

Materials needed:

      *Coconut shell (please try to open (break) the whole coconut with one side bigger (3/4 th) and one side smaller (1/4 th) which I couldn't make out perfect :-( )
       *News papers
       *Glue gun or instant glue (normal glue cannot be used to fix newspaper beads with the shell.
       *Bottle cap (like BRU coffee bottle cap with octagon shape)
       *Acrylic or oil paints (Oil paints take long time to dry)
       *Beads/color stones/pipe cleaner/small paper flowers/grains - for decorative purposes


Fold and tear the news papers into small square shapes.
Roll each square-cut papers by holding one end and rolling through the inner side to get paper strips.
Stick the last end of the paper with strip using glue.
Make strips 50-70 in numbers (depending upon the strip length and coconut shell's size). With each strip, hold and fold one end of the strip to get round beads. Fix the end using glue. Now we have 50-70 beads with roughly round shapes.
Take an octagonal shaped BRU instant coffee bottle cap (if available, or else any bottle cap with flat surface.) and fix the inner side with the bottom of the coconut shell using hot glue gun.
Fix paper beads one by one either from the upper side or bottom side of the coconut shell, closely and compactly.
Paint the inner side of the shell with complete black to hide the shell color.
Paint the beads with colors of your choice using acrylic paints.
After the paint dries perfectly, we can either simply use this as flower vase or we can decorate further with beads and color stones or whatever we have at home.
I have decorated with color stones, beads and pipe cleaners.

That's all... A very beautiful and creative flower vase is ready!
I accept that it takes time to make beads in large numbers, but when you finish this project, you seriously would not believe this is made with simple papers and coconut shell.
Thanks for reading my blog post. Feel free to share your comments and feedback. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Candlelight decoration with coconut shell!

We can make beautiful candlelight decorations with coconut shell for festival celebrations and other room decorations. This candlelight decoration will look more beautiful in the dark since the glitter we use in this craft will give additional shining attraction. The one thing I should mention here is to use the round coconut shell for this craft, I used shell which is not equally broken, it has some ridge and groove edges. I just made this craft to make this blog, so I didn't care much for that. But if you want to make this craft for decorative purpose, please use a good round coconut shell with perfect edges...
Click here to see my video tutorial for this craft...

Materials used:

Candle (small, round, decorative candle)
Coconut shell
Color stones (we can also use small pebble stones that to be colored with shining nail polish)
Sand (fine beach sand is best)
Glitters (multi-colors)
Bead chains and beads
Glue gun
Small round-cut cardboard
normal stones, seeds (alternative to color stones/optional)

Method of making:

For basement: 
Cut the cardboard in round shape.
Stick a white sheet (thermocol sheet is preferable) on over the cardboard.
Fix five color stones on the cardboard like a flower shape, and keep it aside, we can fix this thing with coconut shell later after finishing decorations.
For decorating the top edge of the shell:
Take a bead chain and fix it over the whole round top edge of the coconut shell with using hot glue gun.
For decorating the outer side of the shell:
Take another bead chain with different color and fix the chain like hangings around the shell covering all the sides like thoran.
Fix individual beads between each hangings.
For decorating the inner shell:
Fix the color stones over the inner side of the coconut shell.
Then, fill half of the shell with sand.
Over it, fill with small crushed color stones (black is preferable, because it will induce more visibility of glitter particles) to form a layer above sand.
Sprinkle multicolor glitter mix densely.
If you don't get crushed stones, don't worry, simply sprinkle glitter over the sand or use normal small stones or beads or seeds to fill it.
Final work:
Place the candle at the center and decorate the color stones around the candle.
Lightning of the candle:
I have loaded the candle so it was wonderful to see the shining of glitters and color stones along with beads.
This craft is very simple to make and we can recycle the coconut shell usefully. The usage of sand and stones is to absorb the little heat produced by candlelight.
Hope you like this simple home decor idea. Try this at your home with your own idea to enhance the beauty of it.
Your valuable comments and feedback will improve me with more better ideas, so feel free to share your comments... Thanks....!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Coconut shell tower with egg carton flowers!

Materials used:

Coconut shell
Egg cartons
Glue Gun
Tissue paper holder
Small paper cup
Glitters, beads (for decoration)


Cut the egg cartons into flower shapes (sorry, i din't take step by step photos, if needed, please see my craft video at ).

Fix each flowers on to the outer sides of the coconut shell (remove the hairs over the shell, or else, the flowers cannot be glued properly) as in circular rows.

It is our choice to paint the flowers before gluing to the shell, or after gluing over the coconut shell. I have first glued the flowers and then painted the flowers with different colors.

To decorate the top of the shell like a tower, I used the plastic milk jug to make it out. Cut the milk jug as like a big flower shape, then bend and bring each of the petals to the flower center, then apply glue and press tightly to get fixed properly. Now we got a flower cup like structure, and over it, apply glue and fix an egg carton flower. Now it looks like a flower tower.

Paint the tissue holder and fix its one end with the center of the coconut shell and another end to the center of the paper cup.

Paint the paper cup with suitable colors and decorate with glitters.

Finally, decorate the egg carton flowers and the paper cup with color stones, beads and glitters.
This is a very beautiful and creative craft to make with simple recycle materials.
Try this craft at your home, and comment your feedback. Thank you...!!!
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