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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flower shaped pen stand (holder) with tissue paper holder and foam sheets!

This is a shining pen stand which will look like a flower. This is very easy to make and if we don't have tissue holder, use small pvc pipes or any tubes with 4-5 cms diameter. And, instead of glitter foam sheets, we can also use normal color paper glued with glitters.

Materials used:

Tissue paper holders - 5 (10 cms each)
Glittered foam sheets
Glue gun
Normal foam sheet/ribbon (to make roses)
Fruit stocking net/floral net (to make the center flower)


We need five tissue paper holders with 10 cm in length (each). Mark for 3 cm from the top and draw a cross line and cut the holder through the line. Make the same for all five holders.
Paint the inner side of the tissue holders with suitable color. Using glue gun, fix the tissue holders like a flower (as like in picture)
Take a snack box, cut one side and paint the inner side of the sheet with suitable color. Stick the sheet at the base side of the tissue holder stand. Cut the remaining sheet.
Stick the glitter foam sheet on over the whole sides of tissue holder stand.
Cut the remaining foam sheet that extruding out from the stand.
Fix bead chain on each openings (to look like a flower).
For decorating the center, make tissue net rose or any paper flower and fix at the center.
For decorating the sides, make foam or ribbon roses and fix on all sides.
Decorate the remaining with beads or of your own choice.
That's all... A beautiful pen holder or stand is ready.
Try this pen holder craft at home and comment your valuable feedback.
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Thank you...!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pen/spoon holder with salt tin and old cloth!

We can use our torn or unused old clothes to make pen/spoon holder... The process is very simple and we don't need any costly things for making this... And, here is the description...
Click the link to see my video tutorial of this DIY craft.

Things we need...

 * Salt tin or any narrow bottle
  * Old clothes
  * Glue gun
  * Scissors
  * Confetti, Beads (optional)

Description of making this craft:

Remove the wrapper and the top cover of the salt tin. Cut the cloth into small pieces (length of your choice/breadth approx. 1 inch).
Roll and fold the cloth piece to make it like a single thread.
Fix one end of the cloth thread on the bottom of the salt tin with using hot glue gun.
Wrap the cloth thread around the salt tin from bottom to top. We can use two or more alternative colors.
After finishing wrapping up with cloth-thread, fix the border-lace (or we can also use ribbon) over the top, middle and bottom of the salt tin.
Decorate the holder with confetti, beads or of with your own choice.
That's all... A beautiful pen/spoon/brush holder is ready to use.
We can make this craft very easily with none of cost.
Hope you will like this craft... Feel free to share your valuable comments and feedback...
Thanks for reading my blog... Share this with your friends if you feel this will be useful for them also...

Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY pen (spoon or brush) holder with salt tin and woolen thread!


Salt tin or any other thin long bottle

Parcel bubble cover

Thick woolen bundle



Glue or glue gun



First, remove the wrapper and the cap of the salt tin, and cut out the extra length of the tin.
Click here to visit my tutorial video.
Apply a little glue at the bottom side, and wrap-up the woolen thread tightly and closely from bottom to top. After fully wrapped, cut out the remaining thread and stick the thread edge with the tin.

Then, cut the bubble cover with the shapes like flower, square, diamond, round, etc (as you like) and stick them on the sides of pen holder, and paint with suitable color.

If you want any more decoration, apply glue and sprinkle glitter or stick the beads over the sides.

That's all... Within few minutes, it is possible to make this useful craft with the unwanted materials like bubble cover, salt tin, etc. We can use this holder as either pen holder or spoon or brush holder.

Hope you like this craft. Try this at your home and comment your feedbacks!
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy pen (spoon or brush) holder with salt tin and bubble cover!

Materials used

Salt bottle (we can use any kind of plastic bottles, I used the salt tin.)

Bubble cover


Glue gun

Cure pipes, confetti (optional, for decoration purposes)


Take a salt bottle (without cap or top), and surround it with bubble cover and apply glue to fix the cover with the bottle.

After that, paint the bubbles with various colors, and let it dry for sometime.

Finally decorate with confettis, glitter or with anything else of your own choice. Round the ribbon on the top of the bottle and glue it with hot glue gun, it will hide the glued edges of the cover.

Thats all... A simple and beautiful pen stand is ready! We can also use that craft as spoon or brush holder.
Hope this tutorial is useful for you. For my craft tutorial video, click the URL:
Try this at your home and comment your feedbacks. Thank you...!!!
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