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Friday, January 16, 2015

Colorful Name Decorations on Wall using Cardboard Rolls

This is very easy decorations, we can make the rolls with our kids.
For video tutorial,

Things needed:

Cardboard, Scissors, Glue, Glue gun (optional), Paints, Confetti, Double tape, etc.


Draw lines on the cardboard and cut into strips.

 Apply glue on one side, and roll the cardboard strips.
 Make the rolls in large numbers.
 Paint the rolls.
 For each rolls, fix the confetti at the center.
 We can make a variety of designs with these rolls, for example, we can make flower designs like this.
 I liked to decorate my Kid's name, so made the letters for his name.

 Finally cut the double tape into thin pieces, and fix them at some places. Then remove the outer cover and fix the letters on wall.
 Now, we can see the beautiful name decorations.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Finger painted cardboard wall art made with coffee-tooth paste paint

Hi, I am going to show a new way of making wall arts. For sure, this is a very very easy thing to make without spending a penny. Yes, we are going to use only 2 ingredients: 1) tooth paste 2) coffee powder.
Mixing the tooth paste and coffee powder with little hot water, we can get thick brown paint. I like to call it as "Coffee paint".
We can make a variety of arts with this paint. I like to paint with my fingers, so applied the coffee paint densely on a cardboard, and drawn the arts which I
We can simply draw flower patterns, henna patterns, or natural arts with using our fingers.
I show here some of the samples which i drawn and hanged on my wall.

Coffee paint making:

ingredients are: coffee powder, tooth paste, Luke warm water
method: mix coffee powder and tooth paste with little water with the thickness as u need. 

Mix thoroughly till you get a smooth brown paint.

That's it... Apply on a cardboard and make your arts with your own fingers!  
Very easy...
Very fantasy...
After drawn the art, leave it to dry for a whole night. Then, using double tape at the back side of the cardboard, fix it on wall.

This will be really beautiful. If you interested, please go ahead and try this... Thank you.!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flower shaped pen stand (holder) with tissue paper holder and foam sheets!

This is a shining pen stand which will look like a flower. This is very easy to make and if we don't have tissue holder, use small pvc pipes or any tubes with 4-5 cms diameter. And, instead of glitter foam sheets, we can also use normal color paper glued with glitters.

Materials used:

Tissue paper holders - 5 (10 cms each)
Glittered foam sheets
Glue gun
Normal foam sheet/ribbon (to make roses)
Fruit stocking net/floral net (to make the center flower)


We need five tissue paper holders with 10 cm in length (each). Mark for 3 cm from the top and draw a cross line and cut the holder through the line. Make the same for all five holders.
Paint the inner side of the tissue holders with suitable color. Using glue gun, fix the tissue holders like a flower (as like in picture)
Take a snack box, cut one side and paint the inner side of the sheet with suitable color. Stick the sheet at the base side of the tissue holder stand. Cut the remaining sheet.
Stick the glitter foam sheet on over the whole sides of tissue holder stand.
Cut the remaining foam sheet that extruding out from the stand.
Fix bead chain on each openings (to look like a flower).
For decorating the center, make tissue net rose or any paper flower and fix at the center.
For decorating the sides, make foam or ribbon roses and fix on all sides.
Decorate the remaining with beads or of your own choice.
That's all... A beautiful pen holder or stand is ready.
Try this pen holder craft at home and comment your valuable feedback.
Click the URL to visit my craft video:
Thank you...!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tissue paper heartin wreath!

This craft is very easy to make, any one can make it very easily... Click the link to see my video tutorial of this craft.

Materials used:

Tissue papers (various colors)


Glue gun


Beads (optional)


Cut the cardboard in heartin shape.
Fold the tissue paper sheet and cut in square shape.
Take 4-5 square-cut tissue papers together and fold them as shown.
Cut the free side of the papers like fringes (see the pic).
Open the folded papers and separate them individually.
Roll and fold each paper and twist at the center.
Make the same in large numbers with various colors.
Take the heartin board and fix the folded tissue papers densely over the whole side of the cardboard using hot glue gun.
More dense will give more attractive.
Fix the papers with the designs of your own idea. We can either simply fix single color papers for the whole or with more colors.
This is simple and enough to hang on wall.
If you want to decorate more, decorate with bead chains.
That's all... A beautiful tissue paper heartin wreath is ready to hang on wall.
We can use push pin or double tape to make it hang.
Hope you like this craft idea. Try this craft at your home and comment your valuable feedback. Thank you...!!!
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