Friday, March 27, 2015

Recycled Plastic: Flower Showpiece made with Plastic Drink Bottle

To watch the tutorial video: CLICK HERE.

Things needed:

Plastic Drink bottle
Scissors, marker
Nail polishes, Acrylic paint - green
Floral wire
Crepe paper or any green color paper
Glue, Glue gun


Cut the upper and lower portion of the bottle out. Cu the remaining bottle vertically to make it like a plastic flat sheet.
Draw circles and cut them separately.
Apply nail polishes as like in pics.

Cut around the round edges like fringes.
Apply glue at the center of the flower and put some turmeric powder on it.
Make flowers in large numbers.
Cut the floral wire with length around 15-20 cm.
Wrap the crepe paper around the wire using glue.
Cut fringed leaves as shown in pic.
Fix the leaves, leaving equal space between one another.
Fix the flowers.
Make 4-5 bunches, and fix them on a BRU bottle cap, using hot glue gun.
Fill the cap with stones.

This showpiece will look so beautiful. 

Recycled plastic: DIY peacock wall hanging !

To see the video tutorial for this craft, please CLICK HERE.

Things needed:

Plastic can
Glue gun/ Glue
Round-cut cardboard
Color stones


Draw peacock outline and cut it separately.

To cut feathers, cut the can into thin long pieces.
Cut the pieces as I Shown in the pics.

Apply glue for all feathers and body part and sprinkle glitters densely with peacock colors. Let them dry for some time.
Fix the feathers together with the body part. Cut small flowers on the same plastic can, color with nail polish and fix them on feathers.

Make two peacocks like seeing each other.
Fix them on a cake tray, or round cut cardboard glued with color sheet, and decorate with color stones.

Fix double tape at the back side and fix it on wall.

This looks really beautiful. You will definitely like it. Try making it and give your comments.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hanging wall craft with bead chain, paper cup and polythene cover

 This is a beautiful hanging craft to decorate our home, party, function etc.

Things needed:

Paper cup - 2
Scissors, Marker
Bead chain (I bought a bunch of bead chains for a dollar at one dollar store - very cheap)
Polythene cover (grocery cover)
Glue gun
Here is the pictorial of this beautiful craft, for Video tutorial, click the link:
* To make polythene rose, open the polythene cover (grocery cover).
 * Cut into strips (length and breadth - your choice)
 * Apply glue over the full sheet and sprinkle glitters densely.
* Fold the cover to make it into a thick strip.
 * We can make beautiful rose with this polythene strip, please check this video to make rose:

* To decorate the paper cup, draw outline like this and cut the remaining extras.
 * Then paint the cup as like your choice.
* I have given acrylic paints and kept for 30 mins to dry.
* Paint both sides. Since my paper cup is thin, I have glued two cups together. If its thick, one is enough.
* Fix the roses with bead chain, length of the bead chain around 20 cm.
* Fix the bead chain at the tip of each petals, just fixing with instant fix glue or glue gun is enough, because with paper cup, beads will attach well and good.
 * To hang, fix the bead chains like this.

 * Hang it on wall using a nail.

 * This will look really awesome, because of its shining beads and colorful cup decoration.

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