Thursday, September 3, 2015

Recycled Plastic Craft: Red Hydrangea centerpiece !

Hi friends, welcome back ! Today we are going to see how to make a beautiful centerpiece with using waste plastic carton !

Materials needed:

Plastic milk carton
Glue gun
Scissors, Markers
Aluminium wire, Floral tape
Ear buds


* Draw circles using the bottle cover.
* Draw flowers as like in picture.
* Cut the flowers out from the milk carton.
* Bend the petals to look like original. For more details: visit my YOUTUBE VIDEO.
* Cut the buds of cotton swab and fix it at the center of the flowers.
* Make the flowers in large nos. (need around 40 flowers).

* Fix the sticks as flower stem.

* Draw leaves on the milk carton, and cut them out.
* Paint the leaves with green.
* Take a small thermocol piece, and insert one end of the wire in it. Apply glue over it for the strong fix. (Sorry, forgot to take pics for this, for clarification needed, my VIDEO will be helpful.)
* Apply hot glue on the thermocol, and fix the flower stem one by one on it (in a round manner.)
* Finally fix the leaves.
* Wrap the floral tape over the wire.
* Take a vase, fill it with thermocol piece, and insert the stem.
* A beautiful centerpiece is ready now!
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