Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Flower vase made with tissue paper holder flowers!

Materials used

Tissue paper holder
Dry sticks
Earwax bud


Cut the tissue paper holder (its like a tube) in full length to get flat. Draw flower petals on that and cut the petals separately.

Take a dry stick (we can also use barbecue sticks) and at the tip, stick each petals in round shape to get a flower. At the center, glue the earwax bud and let the flower to get dry for sometime.

Paint the flower. Do flower as like, as many as needed for a flower vase.

Cut the top of a lengthy bottle and fill it with clay and color stones, then insert the flowers into it.

Now, a beautiful flower vase is ready! This craft is very easy to do, and we have recycled the trash materials like dry sticks, tissue tube holder etc into a beautiful flower vase!
Hope this will be a good timepass when you get bored at home.

Try this craft by yourself and comment your feedback! Thank you...!!!

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