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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Calendar paper floral wall craft with groundnut shells, pista shells and curry leaves sticks!

Materials used:

Waste calendar
Pizza cover
Ground nut shells
Pista shells
Curry leaves sticks
Glue or Glue gun


Tear a full sheet from the calendar and keep aside. Cut the pizza cover cardboard to a desired shape.
Wrap up the calendar paper over the cardboard for one whole side and glue the remaining paper over the other side.
Paint the paper with black color, thick background colors will hide the letters in the paper.
Glue the curry sticks like plant stem, and ground nut shells like flowers. We can either glue pista shells or single seeded small ground nut shells for leaves.
Paint the flowers and leaves with the colors of your choice and let them dry completely.
For root part, we can glue with either beach soil or color stones, both will look good for this craft.
Finally using double tape or push pins, hang or stick the craft on the wall.
That's all... A simple and cute wall craft is ready with the recycle materials. This craft is very apt for children.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Groundnut shell flower vase!

This is a very easy craft to make it and very beautiful to see. Usually we will take out the groundnut from the shell and throw out the shell to trash bin. We can make many useful and beautiful crafts from ground nut shells. Here, we can see the making tutorial of Groundnut shell flower vase!

Materials used

Ground nut shells
Barbeque sticks
Glitter (optional)
Glue, Glue gun


Take a barbeque stick and glue the shells on the tip of the stick, like flower petals.

Paint the petals with bright color (to hide the original shell color). After paint get dried, apply glue over the petals and sprinkle glitter.

Color the stick with green paint, and use the small size shells as leaves.

For making "vase", paint and decorate the tissue paper holder, and fill it partially with clay.

Do flowers as many as needed and insert them into the tissue holder.

Now, a beautiful flower vase is ready! Try this at your home and comment your feedbacks!
 For video, click the URL: Thank you...!!!                                         
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