Friday, December 12, 2014

Finger painted cardboard wall art made with coffee-tooth paste paint

Hi, I am going to show a new way of making wall arts. For sure, this is a very very easy thing to make without spending a penny. Yes, we are going to use only 2 ingredients: 1) tooth paste 2) coffee powder.
Mixing the tooth paste and coffee powder with little hot water, we can get thick brown paint. I like to call it as "Coffee paint".
We can make a variety of arts with this paint. I like to paint with my fingers, so applied the coffee paint densely on a cardboard, and drawn the arts which I
We can simply draw flower patterns, henna patterns, or natural arts with using our fingers.
I show here some of the samples which i drawn and hanged on my wall.

Coffee paint making:

ingredients are: coffee powder, tooth paste, Luke warm water
method: mix coffee powder and tooth paste with little water with the thickness as u need. 

Mix thoroughly till you get a smooth brown paint.

That's it... Apply on a cardboard and make your arts with your own fingers!  
Very easy...
Very fantasy...
After drawn the art, leave it to dry for a whole night. Then, using double tape at the back side of the cardboard, fix it on wall.

This will be really beautiful. If you interested, please go ahead and try this... Thank you.!
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