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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tissue paper heartin wreath!

This craft is very easy to make, any one can make it very easily... Click the link to see my video tutorial of this craft.

Materials used:

Tissue papers (various colors)


Glue gun


Beads (optional)


Cut the cardboard in heartin shape.
Fold the tissue paper sheet and cut in square shape.
Take 4-5 square-cut tissue papers together and fold them as shown.
Cut the free side of the papers like fringes (see the pic).
Open the folded papers and separate them individually.
Roll and fold each paper and twist at the center.
Make the same in large numbers with various colors.
Take the heartin board and fix the folded tissue papers densely over the whole side of the cardboard using hot glue gun.
More dense will give more attractive.
Fix the papers with the designs of your own idea. We can either simply fix single color papers for the whole or with more colors.
This is simple and enough to hang on wall.
If you want to decorate more, decorate with bead chains.
That's all... A beautiful tissue paper heartin wreath is ready to hang on wall.
We can use push pin or double tape to make it hang.
Hope you like this craft idea. Try this craft at your home and comment your valuable feedback. Thank you...!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hanging craft with egg carton and tissue holder flowers!

Materials used:

Large paper plate - 1
Small paper cup - 1
Egg carton
Tissue tube holders
Paints, Glitters, Confetti,
Scissors, and Glue gun


For making tissue holder flowers: 

Cut the tissue holder like flower petals as shown in picture.
Glue the petals on one over another in round shape like a flower using hot glue gun.
For center bud, cut the tissue holder into small small oval shaped pieces.
Take a piece in  hand, hold one edge and press down its center with a finger to get heartin-like shape, and glue the pressed center to fix the shape.
Fix the bud at the flower center. Make flowers as many as needed and paint  and decorate them as you like.

For making egg carton flowers: 

Cut the egg carton shells separately. Then cut each egg cartons in to flower shapes.
Paint the flowers with the colors of your choice and decorate with glitters and confetti.

Decorating the first layer hanging:

Take the large paper plate and glue tissue holder flowers over its whole side edges completely using hot glue gun.
Decorate the inner side of the plate with glitters.

Decorating the second layer hanging:

Glue the egg carton flowers over the sides of the small paper cup and decorate the outer side of the plate with confetti.

For the center hanging:

Make tissue holder heartin bud chain with 3 heartin and 3 egg carton flowers and fix them as shown in the picture.
Final work:
Before joining the first and second layer hangings, put four holes in the large plate and insert strong threads through the holes and knot them together on over the upper side of the plate to get a single hanging.
Then, join both the plates with using an egg carton flower in the middle as like in the picture.
Use a push pin and hang the craft on the middle of the room wall.
This craft is easy and we can make it with recycling materials like egg carton and tissue tube rolls.
Try this hanging craft at your home and comment your feedback.
Click here to read my YouTube video tutorial. Thank you...!!!
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