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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Recycled DIY: Rose flowers made with tissue paper rolls (toilet tissue rolls)

Materials used:

Tissue paper rolls
Instant glue/glue gun
News paper
Floral tape
Acrylic paints


Cut the tissue holder into rose petals with 3 different sizes.

Make the center bud by rolling a small strip like given in the TUTORIAL video.
Fix the petals from smaller to larger.

Bend the tip of the petals with using barbecue stick.

Roll the news paper to make stem. Fix the stem with flower using hot glue gun or instant glue. Wrap the floral tape around the stem.

Paint the flower using acrylic paints.
Do 4-6 roses and insert them in a vase. A beautiful rose flower vase is ready.
This is very easy and very beautiful. Try this craft at your home and comment your feedbacks. Thank you....!

Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY: Candle decoration with tissue paper roll

This is very easy to make and it just need only 5 to 7 minutes to make it out... Click HERE to see the tutorial video.

Materials used:

Small round candle

Tissue paper rolls

Nail polishes, Glue gun

Bottle cap, Barbecue stick


Cut the tissue paper rolls into small petal shapes.
Fix them one over one like flower.
Fold the petal edges with using barbecue stick.
Fix the bottle cap at the bottom side of the flower.
Paint the petals with nail polishes (littering shiny nail polish colors are preferable).
Fix the candle at the flower center.
That's all... A beautiful candle holder is ready...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flower shaped pen stand (holder) with tissue paper holder and foam sheets!

This is a shining pen stand which will look like a flower. This is very easy to make and if we don't have tissue holder, use small pvc pipes or any tubes with 4-5 cms diameter. And, instead of glitter foam sheets, we can also use normal color paper glued with glitters.

Materials used:

Tissue paper holders - 5 (10 cms each)
Glittered foam sheets
Glue gun
Normal foam sheet/ribbon (to make roses)
Fruit stocking net/floral net (to make the center flower)


We need five tissue paper holders with 10 cm in length (each). Mark for 3 cm from the top and draw a cross line and cut the holder through the line. Make the same for all five holders.
Paint the inner side of the tissue holders with suitable color. Using glue gun, fix the tissue holders like a flower (as like in picture)
Take a snack box, cut one side and paint the inner side of the sheet with suitable color. Stick the sheet at the base side of the tissue holder stand. Cut the remaining sheet.
Stick the glitter foam sheet on over the whole sides of tissue holder stand.
Cut the remaining foam sheet that extruding out from the stand.
Fix bead chain on each openings (to look like a flower).
For decorating the center, make tissue net rose or any paper flower and fix at the center.
For decorating the sides, make foam or ribbon roses and fix on all sides.
Decorate the remaining with beads or of your own choice.
That's all... A beautiful pen holder or stand is ready.
Try this pen holder craft at home and comment your valuable feedback.
Click the URL to visit my craft video:
Thank you...!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hanging craft with egg carton and tissue holder flowers!

Materials used:

Large paper plate - 1
Small paper cup - 1
Egg carton
Tissue tube holders
Paints, Glitters, Confetti,
Scissors, and Glue gun


For making tissue holder flowers: 

Cut the tissue holder like flower petals as shown in picture.
Glue the petals on one over another in round shape like a flower using hot glue gun.
For center bud, cut the tissue holder into small small oval shaped pieces.
Take a piece in  hand, hold one edge and press down its center with a finger to get heartin-like shape, and glue the pressed center to fix the shape.
Fix the bud at the flower center. Make flowers as many as needed and paint  and decorate them as you like.

For making egg carton flowers: 

Cut the egg carton shells separately. Then cut each egg cartons in to flower shapes.
Paint the flowers with the colors of your choice and decorate with glitters and confetti.

Decorating the first layer hanging:

Take the large paper plate and glue tissue holder flowers over its whole side edges completely using hot glue gun.
Decorate the inner side of the plate with glitters.

Decorating the second layer hanging:

Glue the egg carton flowers over the sides of the small paper cup and decorate the outer side of the plate with confetti.

For the center hanging:

Make tissue holder heartin bud chain with 3 heartin and 3 egg carton flowers and fix them as shown in the picture.
Final work:
Before joining the first and second layer hangings, put four holes in the large plate and insert strong threads through the holes and knot them together on over the upper side of the plate to get a single hanging.
Then, join both the plates with using an egg carton flower in the middle as like in the picture.
Use a push pin and hang the craft on the middle of the room wall.
This craft is easy and we can make it with recycling materials like egg carton and tissue tube rolls.
Try this hanging craft at your home and comment your feedback.
Click here to read my YouTube video tutorial. Thank you...!!!
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