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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flower vase with Crepe paper Chrysanthemum flowers!

Most people are familiar with crepe paper streamers, but we can also make various kinds of flowers with these crepe papers. I have tried a flower vase with paper chrysanthemum flowers. This is very easy to do and we need only three thing to make it out.
Click here to visit my tutorial video of this craft.

Materials used:

Crepe papers
            - red and white for petals
            - yellow for stamen
            - green for calyx
Floral wire
Floral tape
Floral arranger  or any vase


For making stamen: Take an yellow crepe paper and fold it 3-4 times to get a length of each fold with approximately 1.5 inches, and cut through the folds to get individual sheets.
Arrange the sheets equally, and hold the sheets on one side, and cut deeply and closely on the other side like fringes.

For making petals: Take any floral color crepe paper (I used red and white.) with 12 inches length and cut the one side as like in the picture.

For making calyx: Take a green color crepe paper with app 2 inches length, and cut one side as like the petals.

For making flower: Take a floral wire with a length of 6 inches and and bend it at its center and twist both sides to get a single thick wire.
Then, wind-up the stamen over its one end. After that, wind-up the petals over the stamen, covering it fully, and lastly, wind-up with the green color crepe paper.
Now, start to wrap the lower side of the flower with floral tape (tightly) till the end of the floral wire.
Finally, open-up the calyx and petals.

For making flower vase: Make the flowers as many needed as for a flower vase. Then, arrange the flower with the design of your choice and insert the flowers into a vase or floral arranger.
I have arranged the flowers like an umbrella-shape, and inserted on a floral arranger.

This flower vase is very easy to make, and we can make it so quickly for any party decorations.

Feel free to give your valuable comments and suggestions. Thank you...!!!
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