Saturday, January 11, 2014

WELCOME board craft with tea extract, salt, rangoli powder and waste plastic can!

I have made this craft with tea extract which is not good for making tea. I first thought to use it as a compost for pot plants. But after that I got an idea to make a craft with that.
Click here to visit my tutorial video or this craft!

Materials used:

Plastic can like milk jug
Tea extract
Rangoli powder
Glue, Glue gun
Pipe cleaner or cure pipes


First paint the cardboard with a background color (white).
Draw circles on the milk jug with two sizes 2.5inches and 1.5 inches. Cut the milk jug through the circles and keep separately.
Draw flower shapes on the circles and cut the flower petals.
Glue the smaller flower over the larger one and fix a confetti at its center. Do flowers as such as many as needed.
After the paint get dried completely, draw two rectangular outlines on the cardboard with 1 inch difference.
Now, it looks like, the cardboard has three sections. one is the outer border, the second one is the space between two lines and last one is the centre. Add glue and fix the pipe cleaner over the lines.
Apply glue over the whole part of the center portion and sprinkle the tea extract densely. Before the glue get dried, use the finger and write the word "WELCOME" with your own style.
Now the tea extract over the letters gets removed and the letters will appear bright. Apply glue on the letters and sprinkle the salt + glitter mixture.
For decorating the middle portion, apply glue for the whole part, and sprinkle the rangoli powder + glitter mix densely without any gap.
For the outer border, fix the plastic flowers one by one as a line using hot glue gun.
Finally, decorate with confetti, wherever needed.
That's all... the welcome craft is ready to hang, and, hang the board on the wall over the front door with using push pins or double tape.
Try this craft at your home and comment your feedbacks.  Please don't forget to give your feedbacks after reading this blog, because your kind feedbacks and suggestions will help me to make more good DIY crafts and also to improve my blog. Thank you...!!! 


  1. Wow...Welcome board looks so nice. Thanks for Sharing....

    You live in US right? Do you get rangoli powder ? or do you prepare it at home? If you prepare it at home, kindly share the method of making.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Do visit my blog


    where i have shared some best out of waste crafts and give your valuable comments.


    1. Its some mistake while adding link to message. sorry....

  3. Hi Muhil, I want to first say thank you for reading my blogs and giving your valuable feedbacks.
    I made this rangoli powder with rice flour, will share its making method very soon.
    I have seen your craft blogs and its quite interesting and some crafts are so cute. It will be more helpful if you share the making method of your crafts.
    Happy Pongal...!!!

    1. Kindly let me know for which works you need the procedure in my blog. Will update the step-by-step instructions.

      Thank you for the wishes...

      Wish you too a Happy Pongal !!!

  4. wow...awesome idea
    really im gonna try this
    once again thanks


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