Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beautiful flower vase with cardboard flowers!

Materials used

Parcel cardboard box (like toy cover, pizza cover, etc)
Dry sticks
Plastic can or bottle (unwanted)
Glue or glue gun


Draw flowers on the cardboard and cut them out.
Keep your index finger at the center of the flower and press it downwards, now the flat flower becomes convex shape. But the petals are still very stiff, so for making it bend (like real flower), keep a chop stick or a tooth pick right below the open edge of the petal and roll it downwards over the stick. Now the petals got its right shape.

Then, put a hole at the center of the flower and insert the dry stick into it and apply glue for the strong holding. If the stem stretches outwards, hide it by fixing a color stone, or beads over it or even fixing an earwax bud on it is a good idea.

Paint the flower with the appropriate color of your choice. For making leaves, draw leaves shape on a plastic can or bottle, cut and paint them with green color, and after get dried completely, fix the leaves on the stem, giving space to one another.

Now repeat the same procedure (5-6 stems) to make a good flower vase. For making "vase", fill a glass bottle with clay and decorate with color stones (if you want). Insert the stems into the bottle and arrange them properly.

Thats all... A very beautiful flower vase is ready! Try this at your home and give your feedbacks in the "COMMENT" box given below.
                                                    Thank you...!!!

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