Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paper plate tree craft!

I just thought to make a different craft, so I decided to make a paper tree. With a blind idea, I started making this craft. After completing this, I saw it look really beautiful...!


Big paper plates - 5

Small ice-cream plate - 1

Tissue paper holder


Glue, glue-gun





First, cut the paper plates in flower shape, as show in figure, with 5 different sizes from larger to smaller. Keep the unwanted pieces cut from the plates separately.

Cut the tissue holder with appropriate length to make the stem part. Fold the lengthy-leaves of the plates towards the inner side. For making the lower part of the tree, fix the tissue holder at the center of the larger-leafed plate (as like in figure) with hot glue gun. Fix the other end of the tissue holder on to the center of the ice-cream plate.

Repeat the same for fixing all the plates, one by one from lower to higher (larger to smaller) with tissue holder in between.

For making the top part of the tree, cut the unwanted pieces into long-thin leaves, and stick them around a tissue holder (app 10 cm length) from bottom to top, covering all the sides. Fix this leaf-covered tissue holder at the center of the topmost smaller plate using glue gun.

Now, tree-making is over. Paint the tree with the suitable colors of your choice and if want, apply glue over the leaves and sprinkle glitters and confetti.

That's all... Our tree craft is done. This is very easy to make, cut the plates, fix with tissue holder one by one, and finally paint the leaves.

Hope you like this craft. Try this craft at your home and comment your feedbacks. Thank you...!!!


  1. AMAZING! I love how the finished craft looks! I think this is very crafty and innovative. I love how the ends curl up giving more volume and shape to that paper plate tree. Good job!
    Clay Delgado


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